Monday, October 17, 2011

Wanna Go Fast?

It's an age old question: How far over the speed limit can you go before you'll be pulled over.

Hypothetically speaking you should never break the posted speed limit. That's why it's called a "limit". But let's assume, for just a second, that we all do speed from time to time (a difficult stretch of the imagination, I know).

Call it myth, call it hogwash, whatever...but we've all heard of the fabled "Buffer Zone". It's that magical place where you can break the speed limit, even within sight of law enforcement, and you won't be pulled over.

I've always personally believed that if you stay within 5mph over the posted speed limit, you're still in the clear. My reasons for this areas follows: First, at only 5mph over the speed limit, even if you are pulled over, it's a minor infraction and no points on your licence. Second, I've actually driven through speed traps doing five-over and not been chased down.

If the "Buffer Zone" does exist, though, there is some disagreement as to where it falls...

In a new survey by Pemco Insurance,
50% of people say the "BZ" lies withing four-over or less.
43% say it lies within 5-9mph over the speed limit.
5% think you're safe even going 10-14mph over (I call bullsh*t on this one, since I've been snagged for 11-over in the past).
1% actually think cops only target MASSIVE speeders, so even 15-19mph over the limit is safe (Also bullsh*t, since I'd consider a 4-point infraction to be pretty damn extreme).

Is there really an area of leeway in which a police officer is willing to allow speeding? What are the circumstances?

The real question: What do YOU think? Comment and let me know!

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