Thursday, October 20, 2011

Calm the F*** Down

Scientists in England have supposedly created the most relaxing song ever.

Seeing as how I am a densely packed singularity of super-heated rage, this caught my attention as well as my skepticism.

According to an article posted by the Daily Mail, a team of scientists in collaboration with sleep therapists and a new age band called Marconi Union have created what they believe (according to their science, anyway) to be the world's most relaxing song.

It's an eight-minute song called "Weightless". Allegedly, it's so relaxing that they advise against listening to it in the car for fear that you might fall asleep at the wheel. Their studies have found that the song relaxed people even MORE than a massage, with 65% of individuals tested as being less anxious after listening.

Most of the music I listen to makes me want to drive fast and light things on fire, and so this was different for me. However, I can attest that I did feel pretty calm afterward.

The whole article can be found here. There is also a link in the article that will let you hear the full song.

Take a listen to it and then let me know what you think.

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