Sunday, May 17, 2009

Five Finger Death Punch declares War

In 2007, a brand new heavy metal band by the name of Five Finger Death Punch thrashed their way into the music industry. Their debut album Way of the Fist was, in my most un-humble opinion, one of the best albums of the past three years.

5FDP released three singles off of Way of the Fist, including "The Bleeding", "Never Enough", and "Stranger Than Fiction". The later two songs made their way to 97.9X, where they are still two of the most requested songs among our listening audience.

Since 2007, I have eagerly awaited a follow-up album. Finally, word came down for my sources in the early spring that 5FDP was back in the studio. I was so excited that I ran outside and headbutted my neighbor.

For months, 5FDP worked on their brand new album without releasing many details. But just today, my sources at Metal Hammer magazine have informed me that the album is near the end of completion. 5FDP guitarist Zoltan Bathory has confirmed that the album will be titled War is the Answer. The tentative release date for the new record is currently set for August 25, 2009.

I cannot wait!

As always, keep it here for updates on this and other new rock announcements.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

12 Stones goes 4

Just bringing all you greasers some more new rock updates. The latest bit of info I have come across is in regard to the band 12 Stones.

Their last record, Anthem for the Underdog, was an incredible album that gave us a menagerie of singles such as "Lie to Me", "Anthem for the Underdog", "Adrenaline", and "Broken Road". If song requests are any indication, Anthem for the Underdog was very popular amongst our listeners.

According to blog entries and various news reports, 12 Stones is currently in the studio working on their 4th commercial album, which has yet to be named. The plan in place is to have the album in stores sometime in the Fall of this year (2009). Although information on the new album is limited, the record will feature 12 Stones covering the song "Addict" by K's Choice.

If it is anywhere near as good as Anthem for the Underdog, I am definitely excited for this one. Make sure to check back here regularly for up-to-date info on this and other new rock albums.