Friday, November 11, 2011

Way Down in Kokomo...

I've never been to the Caribbean.

And chances are, if it's half as incredible as everyone says, I may not be returning.

Just kidding...they'll no doubt end up deporting my ass back here after a time.

At long last, I'm finally going to get to see what clear water looks like for myself. It'll probably be terrifying when I actually see what's in the water with me, but I have a feeling I'll get over it. White sand beaches, temperatures predicted to be in the 80s for the whole time I'll be there...yeah, I'll be just fine.

I've always wanted to travel to the islands, and now I'm finally getting the chance as I take a well-deserved vacation (or at least what I think is well-deserved) for the better part of the month. I'll be hopping around the Caribbean for the next week, and I'm also taking a few days off after that which will carry into Thanksgiving and then 97.9X is the Station on Vacation for that whole weekend which buys me a few extra days.

I'll definitely be attending "Share the Welt" at the Mohegan Sun Arena on the 26th, and I hope to run into a bunch of you guys there.

Finally, on Monday the 28th, I'll be back on-the-air and we'll all return to our regular routine of nightly shredding.

In the meantime, stay safe out there. And try not to miss me too much.

Later, greasers!

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