Monday, November 7, 2011

Want to Feel Inadequate?

See that guy in the picture? He's better than you....and he knows it.

His name is Christoph Niemann. Originally from Germany, he's currently a columnist for the New York Times Magazine, blogger, and illustrator.

He also runs marathons.

And lately (out of what I'm assuming is sheer boredom coupled with the desire to exemplify his superiority), he's been doubling up and showcasing his multiple talents at the same time.

For instance, while he ran the New York City Marathon, he DREW SKETCHES of stuff that he saw while he ran. Without slowing down. I can only assume he was also nursing a baby eagle, delivering a pizza, and carrying a orphanage-full of children to safety on his back after he rescued them from a burning building.

Here are some pictures of his mid-marathon doodles:

You can see all of the sketches on his Twitter account.

Seriously...screw this guy.

I'd point out that he's never been a DJ, but then he might come take my job just out of spite.


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