Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Nightmare Scenario

It's always difficult to see a talented musician pass away, especially at an early age and at the height of their career. Avenged Sevenfold had to deal with this exact scenario when their drummer "The Rev" passed away at the end of 2009.

At the time, A7X was in the middle of writing and recording a new album. In fact, they were just about to enter the studio when it happened. Most people, myself included, believed that The Rev's death was going to throw the recording of the new album into an indefinite hiatus. Who could blame the band for wanting to take a break?

Avenged Sevenfold did not take a break, however. Still armed with all of the already written material, much of which was written by The Rev himself, the band hit the studio with the intention of finishing the album in The Rev's honor and dedicating it to him by using all of the music that he had written, and even using The Rev's previously-recorded vocals.

With the help of Dream Theater's drummer, Mike Portnoy, Avenged Sevenfold recorded their new album Nightmare which is set to be released on July 27th. Meanwhile, Mike Portnoy has agreed to tour with A7X as their stand-in drummer until the band can find a permanent replacement.

For fans of Avenged Sevenfold and the band alike, this album will serve as a rebirth. I, personally, cannot wait to hear it.

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