Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Run Run As Fast As You Can!

Alright,, finally, are the results of the 2009 Wilkes-Barre Duathlon which took place this past Sunday, June 21st 2009.

We finished!

What? You were expecting some sort of grand spectacle of endurance and fortitude from ME and LAZY E? Are you crazy?! I mean, don't get me wrong or anything, we are in pretty decent shape. But a Duathlon and all similar events require that you be inhuman in order to actually do well. Take the guy that won, Chris Garges, for instance. The man looked like a cross between Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. No doubt he was either some sort of experiment in genetics created by our government, or an alien from another planet. Either way, he was made of Volcanic Fire, Titanium, and Tornadoes. Lazy E and myself are made of Goo and Perogies. That is why he won and we came in 121st place.

Regardless, Lazy E and I are proud of our performance, especially considering that we had never done anything even remotely like it before. That, and we were up against professionals. These guys had multi-thousand dollar Olympic bikes and were adorned with sponsorships from Nike, Adidas, and Frosted Flakes. Lazy E and I had T-shirts and a mountain bike. So, comparatively, we did a damn good job.

As I said, we finished 121 of 145 Overall, and 22 of 25 in the Relay. That's right...WE DIDN'T FINISH LAST! We also completed the race in under 2 hours, which was a huge goal for us. In case you don't believe me or you are just curious, you can get the full results here.

In the end, Lazy E and I were thrilled with how we did, as is evidenced from the picture at the top of the blog, taken immediately after the end of the Duathlon. 97.9X is happy to have sponsored and participated in this year's Wilkes-Barre Duathlon to help raise money for the YMCA and the JCC. We had a great time, and maybe with a little bit of practice (and some better equipment) we can do even better next year.

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