Monday, June 22, 2009

The Boys Are Back!

After a very long period of not hearing anything new at all, I have finally gotten my hands on the first piece of solid information regarding a new album from our hometown boys in Breaking Benjamin.

Although the legitimacy of this information is entirely disputable, I felt it necessary to share with you, the listener, everything that I have found out.

The first bit of information comes directly from David Bendeth, the producer of Breaking Ben's new album. On June 20th 2009, Bendeth himself posted this in the NEWS section on his website:


This is a big deal, as it implies that our boys have hit the studio to begin recording. And since this was posted on Bendeth's own website, it is probably legit.

The other bit of info I have come across carries with it a veil of uncertainty since it is little more than chatter amongst fans. At any rate, the chatter claims that on June 17th, the creator and founder of Breaking Benjamin's official website, Shallow Bay, revealed that a new song from the band would be out in August of 2009. But again, I cannot locate any source for this information, so the truth behind it is up in the air.

Still, the fact the David Bendeth mentioned that Breaking Ben is now in his studio offers a lot of hope for us getting our hands on this album before the end of 2009. I refuse to uncross my fingers.

As always, keep it here for updates on this and other new rock announcements.

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  1. 2 blogs in one day from you.
    I can't wait to see pictures and what not.
    As for Breaking Benjamin, I cannot wait for that either!