Friday, April 10, 2009

Lazy E screws up...again!

Well, if Lazy E is going to stoop so low so as to begin posting embarrassing news stories regarding my off-air activities, I can do the same for him.

BOULDER CREEK, Calif. - The California Highway Patrol said a 25-year-old man driving an expensive Ferrari owned by his boss flipped it after taking a curve too fast, causing an estimated $125,000 in damage.

CHP Officer Elizabeth Addy said the man escaped the crash Saturday without injury, but his boss was irate.

The unidentified man apparently lost control after taking a curve at too high a speed, hit an embankment and flipped.

Addy said the man was driving the car with the owner's consent.

The CHP said alcohol was not a factor.

Although this doesn't say much for our boss as far as who he trusts with his Ferrari, it says even less for Lazy E's driving skills. I guess a Ferrari is just a little too much car for our All Mixed Up host to handle. Maybe he should be the one wearing the helmet. Next time, Lazy E, stick with your Vespa Scooter.

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