Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lazy E: Not as Lazy as he would have you Believe!

It has come to my attention that my so-called fellow Weekender, Lazy E, has made an "attack" on my public image in his most recent blog entry.

In a foolhardy attempt at making me look bad, Lazy E has made some sort of vague reference to a photobucket picture that I had posted in my blog which had exceeded its bandwidth. He has then tried to label me as being some sort of "corporate investor" with photobucket, due to their company's logo appearing on my blog.

Shockingly enough, it appears as though Lazy E (who would call in his Saturday night show from the comfort of his bed with his security blanket wrapped around his head if he had the option of doing so) is not quite as lazy as his name would suggest. I, personally, am astounded that E has any initiative whatsoever.

However, I cannot stand idly by and be accused of being a deal-maker with big companies, especially with this whole economy thing I keep hearing about. Therefore, while we are on the subject of smoke and mirrors, I would like to reveal to you the TRUTH about Lazy E.

Lazy E's corporate product placement makes any accidental product placement of mine look like child's play. Are you wondering where his subliminally placed message lies?

Try his name: Lazy E.

That's right folks. Lazy E, the perpetrator of lies and deceit, has been doing advertising for his Horse Ranch all along! A quick glance at the Lazy E Ranch's description provides chilling detail of "Breeding, Rehabilitation, and Cooled Semen."

What is REALLY going on at the Lazy E Ranch? Nothing legitimate, I can assure you. I insist that you enquire to Lazy E's accreditation before you fall for any more of his tricks!

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