Friday, February 27, 2009

New Rock from Tantric!

Yes, you read that correctly. I was filling in for Dan the Man tonight when I happened to notice that Tantric (whom you might recall shares a decent relationship with 97.9X...Top Secret Show #12 anyone?) had posted a Bulletin on MySpace:

Get ready folks! More new music to come your way from Tantric. We head back into the studio march 2nd to begin work on our second upcoming release with the all new lineup again. We will be recording in all of march and april. The end begins was just the beginning of the all new Tantric and we can't wait to share it all with you once again. Spread the word army! We won't make you wait too long. We promise. We will be talking and keeping you all informed here on my space as OFTEN as we can with what's up and how the recording process is coming along.


This is definitely something to be excited about! You heard it FIRST with 97.9X!

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