Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Double Shot of New Music Goodness

Most of the time when I am on-air (and on this blog) I try to keep you all up-to-date on any new music announcements that may come around concerning the many bands played on 97.9X. I do this under the assumption that, much like myself, you listeners get excited when you hear that one of you favorite bands has some new music headed your way.

As long as I have been doing this, I have gotten more than a few e-mails from listeners who were grateful for my trying to keep them so in the loop. Though I can't keep up with EVERY piece of news about a band or new music, I try and make you aware of the important stuff. Still, every now and then, some New Rock news will slip through the cracks. There is no excuse, however, for me not covering the two bands included in this blog. Being that I haven't covered this news in the manner that it deserves, I have decided to give you guys a dual report on everything I know about these two new albums, and I hope you will forgive my slacking off.

Spinning In Circles

The first band I want to make a point of reporting on is Creed. The announcement that Creed had reunited was huge news for the world of rock. When a band with three multi-platinum albums that has been apart for half a decade decides to get back together, go on tour, and record a new album, people tend to pick up their heads and listen. But somehow, I feel like this was sort of ignored and pushed aside. For crying out loud, they had a tour date in both Hershey, PA and in Camden, NJ and we never even mentioned either at great length! They are still touring even as you are reading this, but no stops on the remainder of the tour are going to be anywhere near NEPA. Still, if you wanted to check out the remaining tour dates, just head over to Creed.com and check them out.

As far as new music goes, Creed is planning on releasing a brand new album called Full Circle on October 27th of this year. The first track off of the new album is called "Overcome" and is going through regular rotation on 97.9X, so tune in to take a listen. I have included the artwork for the new album in the picture above.

This CD will definitely be one to look forward to.

A Congregation of Musical Styles

The next band I wanted to mention is Atreyu. Most of you will be familiar with their singles "Becoming the Bull", "Falling Down", and "Slow Burn" which received a lot of airplay on 97.9X and came off of their last album Lead Sails Paper Anchor. Some others, like myself, have been long familiar with Atreyu from back when they were signed to Victory Records. I think those people will agree that Lead Sails was not Atreyu's best work. Some might even argue that the band "sold out" and made themselves more commercially acceptable. All may have varying degrees of truth, but that is why we should be excited for their new CD release.

The new album, called Congregation of the Damned, is set to hit stores on October 27th (ironically, the same days as Creed's new album). In various interviews with the band, frontman Alex Varkatzas admits that the last album was a let-down and has promised that Atreyu will make up for it with the new record. Varkatzas says we can expect a mix between the band's primal energy from their earlier records with the dynamic hooks and enhanced craftsmanship of their newer work. The band has promised that the new album will not disappoint.

I know one thing: I am definitely excited to listen to it when it comes out.

As always, keep it here for updates on this and other New Rock announcements.

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